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Renovate Your Property

Here at Archer Management Group we hold a General Contractor B License (#818991), which gives us the knowledge and the experience to oversee all repairs on your investment property to assure its being done right. We also offer a full service, repairs and maintenance program! This means we can help you with virtually any construction or remodeling and state compliance project you might have!

We can handle anything from the simple honey-do-lists; fence repairs, hang a door, fix an electrical problem, drywall patch (that actually matches!), to the complex; kitchen and bath remodels, whole house renovations and additions! We also have experience with residential and commercial improvements.

We can provide everything from design help, product selection such as cabinetry and counters, expert industry knowledge and of course the ability to install everything correctly, on time, the first time!

 Planning a project to fit any budget is a challenge, but we pride ourselves on meeting budgetary restrictions. With our 30 years of building experience & knowledge we know where to put the money to maximize your ROI! A modest budget can’t afford to tear out and start over and that’s okay with us! Want to refinish existing cabinets and change the flooring? Not a problem! Maybe a quick drywall texture job and quality paint? You can’t beat a new front door, after all, it’s your homes first impression on everyone who visits! Landlords often have a limited budget and we can tell them exactly where to put the money and where to avoid wasting crucial dollars on things that won’t help for a rental application or yield the “wow” moments we are after!

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