Tenant Selection Criteria

Tenant Selection Criteria
We hold our owners and tenants to the highest standards
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Archer Management Group strives to maintain the highest standards in applicant selection for its properties. The following criteria is used as part of the selection criteria:

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Applicant should gross roughly 3x monthly rent in combined household income to be considered for lease. If Applicant does not meet this guideline, some exceptions may be made by increasing security deposit and/or screening a suitable and acceptable co-signer. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Archer Management Group reserves the right to vary from the foregoing requirements to comply with local, state and federal ordinances and legislation requiring landlord to consider non-traditional forms of income including, but not limited to, housing assistance vouchers.

Applicant must have FICO (as reported by any of the top 3 agencies) of 620 or above to be considered for lease. If Applicant does not meet this guideline, and if Archer Management Group deems Applicant as trustworthy and able to make rent payments, the Applicant may put down 2x security deposit. If Applicant is unable to meet either of these guidelines, a suitable and accepted co-signer may be considered.

Archer Management Group complies with the United Stated Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD’) guidelines regarding renting to applicants with criminal backgrounds. Although HUD has not established clearly defined policies regarding such matters, Archer Management Group’s policies have been derived based upon guidelines promulgated HUD. Archer Management Group will update its policies based upon its own experiences and updates on HUD guidelines.  In general, Archer Management Group does not rent to applicants who, within a 7 year period prior to making a rental application with Archer Management Group, have been convicted of crimes against people or property, crimes involving drugs or weapons, or crimes involving sex.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, applicants with these criminal histories may submit mitigating information for their particular situation which Archer Management Group will consider on a case-by-case basis.

Archer Management Group cannot lease to applicants who have an active or pending bankruptcy petition, or who are considering filing a petition for bankruptcy protection.

If Applicant has been involved in eviction in the previous 12 months, Archer Management Group may refuse to lease property to Applicant.

Pet approval for a particular residence is on a case-by-case basis. Some owners of residences managed by Archer Management Group have imposed various restrictions on pets which Archer Management Group will enforce unless said restrictions are pre-empted by applicable law.  Examples of such preemption includes Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals.  Additionally, certain municipalities have imposed restrictions on certain species and breeds of animals.  The approval or disapproval of pets will occur during the application process.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, Archer Management Group reserves the right to prohibit pets who otherwise meet the requirements for a particular residence; yet, are considered dangerous in the reasonable discretion of Archer Management Group or a particular residence owner.

Generally, Archer Management Group follows HUD guidelines regarding occupancy limitations unless actual laws or ordinances preempt said guidelines. “Guidelines” differ from actual law (including ordinances).  Typically, guidelines are not law unless a tribunal of competent jurisdiction has made a guideline law in a relevant ruling.  Moreover, certain municipalities have implemented occupancy ordinances and laws to which Archer Management Group must adhere.  Said ordinances impose a certain limitation on the number of unrelated persons that can occupy a property.  Some ordinances require that a prospective occupant of a residence first obtain a permit to meet municipal occupancy requirements.  If any such permits are required, an applicant must submit said permit along with his/her application; otherwise, the application will be deemed incomplete and denied. 

Archer Management Group does not allow smoking of any kind inside of its properties under any circumstance.

Archer Management Group prohibits the growth, manufacture, processing, storage, distribution, sale, packaging, or use of marijuana, derivatives of marijuana or anything containing marijuana or its derivatives, in any of the properties it manages.

Archer Management Group does not consider the following factors in its decision to approve or disapprove an application: sex, familial status, race, religion, creed, national origin, disability, or any other criteria protected in the jurisdiction wherein any particular rental property managed by AMG is situation.